Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Her Birthday!

Hey Guys!  Just a quick post. A couple of weeks back I went out to dinner with my friend, Colondra and her family for her 22nd birthday. We went to PF Changs... love that place! The food was so good! I had a good time. Plus, I got the chance to catch up with her since we both have busy schedules.

 I forgot to ask her what she was wearing but I'm pretty sure it is from Charlotte Russe. Where she has recently started working as a manager. I walked into that store the other day when I was trying to waste some time and they have some pretty cute things in there. I know that I was kind of over it but I will definitely have to start visiting more often. If you haven't dropped into Charlotte for a while stop by. You'll be surprised.

Necklace: Moms
Dress: Forever 21
Purse: Michael Kors
Shoes: Steve Madden


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