Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mixed Prints & Poetry

Today, I mixed it up because I felt like it! I always enjoy playing with prints and fabrics. My dad always tell me that I don't match, but who cares! I just wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in. I always think of what my mom once told me when people comment on me or my clothing.That no matter what I do/wear/ or say people are going to have something to say about it, which is very true! On to the clothing, this top is one of my favorites I got it from a thrift store and I wear it every chance I get. I paired it with a striped mini skirt and my favor neon blazer. Sups chic! It was great for classes today and for poetry in the park. I went my friends and enjoyed myself. Everyone did a great job! They had a great set up and  I wouldn't mind seeing more.

Sunglasses: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Thrift Store
Skirt: Forever 21
Accessories: Optic Flow Accessories
Shoes: Aldo

xoxo Angelica


  1. great photos:) I love your skirt:)! thank you so much for visit :) maybe you want to follow each other:)?

    1. Yes! but im new to this. How do i follow you?? haha