Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are you into Prints?

Happy 2015! There has been so much going on this year already and it's only the first week of February! I hope everyone is sticking to their New Years resolutions... if you decided to make any. I only have a few things on my list this year. I decided that this might be my last year doing the resolutions because I always make a list but it normally only last up to a month or two. If I make it just something I should do whether its new years or not maybe I can achieve more things on my list, right?... anyway!

Lately, I've been looking through my closet and I've noticed that I don't have any prints! Seriously, I have like two things with a print. 90% of my closet is all black and I don't know how it happened! I thought I used to have more color and print but I guess not! My mom and I went shopping the other day and I decided to pick up this dress from Charlotte Russe. I had an event I was going to and thought this dress would be perfect for it. I paired my dress with a leather jacket and some boots to edge it up a bit!

Charlotte Ruse Dress | Versace Sunnies | H&M Scarf | H&M Jacket | Express Backpack | Aldo Boots

Angelica <3

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