Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Style in the Loop.

Last Friday, my bestie Lauren and I were in the Style in the Loop Fashion show!

It was a street event. There was music and designers that show cased their clothing and accessories etc. Then at the end of the night there was a fashion show. I did not get to experience much of the events because I had to be back stage getting prepared for the show, but there was a "fashion parade" to get people to come to the show. Then I had a chance to see a little of what was going on.

I heard nothing but positive things and I had tons of fun participating in the show.

It was a way to get young designers a bigger name in the St. Louis area. The designers had such beautiful clothing. There was even accessory designers there and I was so amazed at the creations they made. Some of them have already started their business online or working for a local boutique and I thought it was cool that they were promoting their designs by getting involved with the community and I was happy to support. Here are some pics from that night... Enjoy (:

 xoxo Angelica

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